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Insole technology


If you need a personalized solution, look no further than the BOOTDOC 3D CUSTOM insole range. In this segment, there are no compromises. The fi tting process with 3D CUSTOM insoles from BOOTDOC is considered premium technology, and rightly so. It's not just about fi nding the perfect fi t; it's also about passion, technology, know-how and most of all – a personal, thoughtful experience.


The BOOTDOC Fusion Preshaped insoles are based on 3D CUSTOM Technology, but have already been preshaped for quick and convenient processing. Custom molding for the customer at the POS provides greater comfort, stability, and activity-specifi c support. Due to their construction, these insoles are designed to meet an extremely wide range of requirements and impress down to the very last detail.


BOOTDOC Step-In insoles make your day perfect – be it playing sports, in the workplace, or enjoying some leisure time. We off er the right model – anatomically preshaped according to the 3-Arch concept or in an anatomically shaped universal fi t – regardless of whether the customer is looking for comfort or a sporting challenge. The Step-In design off ers something for everyone, as well as quick and easy custom molding of the individual insole.

Regardless of the insole technology used, the ASC concept is recommended for best results. ASC concept: ASC Concept

Foot analysis by 3D or 2D scanner, podoscope or Feet View produces a detailed image of the current state of the foot. This is essential to ensure the correct insole technology (3D, 3 ARCH or STEP-IN) is chosen and helps conclusions to be drawn as to how to adapt and optimize the insole for the individual customer. 3-Arch concept: 3-Arch