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Das CMT ermöglicht präzise und einfache Anpassung von STEP-IN und 3D Einlagen; es ist keine Stromversorgung notwendig! Die Formgebung erfolgt über ein spezielles Vaselinegemisch im Inneren der Kammern.

  • Langlebig durch qualitativ hochwertige Materialien
  • Einfache Handhabung
  • Hüftbreite manuell verstellbar (toolfree)
  • Präzise und schnelle Formgebung möglich
  • Vorgeformte Kissen für rechten und linken Fuß


Analysis & Fitting


Professional fitting is based on analysis of the foot. From the three-dimensional representation of both feet using the BOOTDOC 3D Scanner VANDRA to its easy-to-use Feet View, BOOTDOC offers several devices that revolve around this. Because each BOOTDOC insole can be heated and custom molded and BOOTDOC has designed specific heating devices for each category of insole and customization. Depending on the style of insole, and experience of the shop, the BOOTDOC insoles can be customized by using a specialty VAC system or molding pillows.

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The Best Friend of a Bootfitter

Since 1985 Frank MacConnell has been running Bob Skinner's Ski and Sport sports shop at the foot of ...

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Anna Veith: BOOTDOC „Perfect Fit“

It's time, are you ready? Get your boots back in shape for the slopes!#tunelikeanna #beyourself

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Strong, powerful and determined. Anna Veith!

Coming soon, autumn 2019. #tunelikeanna #beyourself

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We explicitly point out that this adjustment and the resulting insoles do not meet any orthopedic requirements. The procedure is not intended to correct foot malpositions or to influence the body statics. The sole purpose of the insoles is to increase comfort and improve the fit in shoes!