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The newly developed, patent-pending Autofit system adapts footbeds to the customer's foot shape automatically and quickly. The Fit Pods are electrically adjusted to the respective hip width and the preheated footbeds are pressed against the foot using a special membrane and air pressure.

To facilitate optimum positioning of the footbeds in the Fit Pods, a vacuum is generated first. The fore foot covering is adjusted to the correct shoe size and the preheated footbeds are inserted. The customer then places their feet on the footbeds. As the customer is seated, their full weight does not bear on the foot and footbed. A laser helps to align the knee and lower leg.

After switching the Autofit from vacuum to air blowing, the membrane is pressed against the foot from the fore foot to the heel. The preheated and thus flexible footbed hardens in the exact shape formed by the foot with a partial weight bearing. The result is a perfect fit! The processing time can be adjusted precisely within a predefined time frame and optimized for the respective footbed type.

Errors in footbed production are prevented thanks to the simple, quick, and automated procedure, and reproducible results are ensured. This technical innovation allows for the adaptation of STEP-IN, FUSION, and also 3D footbeds. The Fit Pods and the membrane can be easily replaced if required.

Autofit is offered as a stand-alone solution, but can also be integrated into the BD AUTOFIT CENTER. In addition to handles, this system is also equipped with electric seat height adjustment, so that the customer can always adopt a 90° position to the Fit Pods.