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Insole technology

Depending on the problem at hand and the field of use, various approaches are involved in the production of insoles. Taking account of individual movement, the type of sport and anatomical structure, BOOTDOC offers a choice of three approaches:

  • Anatomically pre-produced, step-in insoles
  • The Step-In 3-Arch concept
  • The 3D concept

Regardless of the insole technology used, the ASC concept is recommended for best results. ASC concept: ASC Concept


Foot analysis by 3D or 2D scanner, podoscope or Feet View produces a detailed image of the current state of the foot. This is essential to ensure the correct insole technology (3D, 3 ARCH or STEP-IN) is chosen and helps conclusions to be drawn as to how to adapt and optimize the insole for the individual customer. 3-Arch concept: 3-Arch

3D concept

100 % support for the foot is important in the case of many foot types and sporting activities, and also in everyday life: A 3D insole optimizes traction between the foot, insole and shoe. BOOTDOC developed and designed the 3D concept to take account of stresses on the foot (dynamic roll-forward, static pressures in the shoe, etc.), adapting the construction and materials to the relevant sport so as to ensure maximum performance and the ultimate fit. Although 3D insoles were chiefly developed for winter sports, their construction also makes them suitable for XC skating, in-line skating, mountain bike and road bike shoes. Versions differ in terms of bending resistance, stabilization elements at the back of the foot and comfort-enhancing coating. Customers cannot test the 3D concept right away; results only become apparent after production. Since the 3D concept is somewhat more time-consuming and sale prices are generally higher than those for pre-produced insoles, time and cost are important criteria alongside the anatomical requirements of the customer and the field of use.